Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? When thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?  Isaiah 58:7


The sight of a homeless beggar walking the streets – carrying his belongings in a bag, sleeping on a park bench or under a stairway – is a sight that inevitably pinches our hearts.


It is for the homeless dwellers of Tel Aviv, as a substitute for the street bench, that Lasova  Org. founded the “Gagon” home in 1986.


As of 2012,  we have 3 homeless shelters, all in Tel-Aviv:

Gagon 1- for men addicted to drugs and alcohol, 50 beds,  at 6 Bergner St.    

Gagon 2- for women, 25 beds  at 18 Chlenov St.

Gagon 3 – for non- addicted men,  45 beds,at 40 Ben Zvi St.  

We rented and operate 3 apartments residing  20 rehabilitated homeless people


The Gagon provides all homeless people the following free services: a clean bed, full board meals, suitable clothes, hot shower, medical care, as well as rehabilitation care provided by a municipal social worker. Once the period of care ends, the former homeless person is referred to other institutions, such as halfway homes, psychiatric hospitals, homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, and sometimes back to his /her family to reestablish a long-lost connection.


Approximately 110 homeless individuals currently reside at Gagon shelters.  Each Gagon employs a full time manager and keeper, while all other workers provide help as volunteers.   Gagon shelters operate in cooperation with, and under the supervision of, the Homeless Dept. of the Tel Aviv municipality.

The annual cost of opreration of the gagon shelters in 2015 was 956,000.

LaSova Foundation, which oversees Gagon homes, complies with all legal and tax regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations.  


:contact us


Manager of Gagon-Shelter for women: Moran- 03-3731670

Manager of Gagon- shelter for men: Ivgi- 050-6879703


Gagon- Homeless shelters

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We ask you kindly to be aware of homeless people you might notice in the streets.

If you observe such a person, please bring him/her to our "Gagon" – Homeless Shelter, at 6, Elizabeth Bergner Street, in Jaffa, or call 03-518717.





If you are sleeping in the streets, you are endangering yourself!

You can come to our "Gagon" homeless shelter,

at 6, Elizabeth Bergner Street, Jaffa, every day, or call 050-6879703 for details.





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