Given the current financial hardship, many people in Israel are struggling to purchase suitable clothing.


Aiming  these people, and in an effort to guarantee every person the three basic physical needs – shelter, food and clothing – we have established in collaboration with Egged bus company and  Egged- Retiree Organization, the Egged-Begged project for collecting and distributing used clothes to the needy.


The Egged-Begged bus, kindly provided to us by Egged and driven by an Egged retiree, travels twice a week across the country, filled with clothes, and distributes them to the following: patients in psychiatric hospitals, nursing home residents, disabled patients, institutions for the youth, as well as troubled neighborhoods (in coordination with the local welfare department). 


The Egged-Begged project is managed by LaSova Foundation, using one paid employee.  Donations of clothes in good condition are welcome.  Please contact us to coordinate a donation or to request a delivery of clothes.


LaSova Foundation office 03-3731661 , Project center – Udi Ben-Aroya 050-6879707


Finally, we would like to take every opportunity to express our profound gratitude to our loyal and persistent partners, the Egged bus company and the Egged Retiree Organization, as well as our driving crew for their blessed efforts.






 Egged Begged - Distribution of Second hand clothes 


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