Even in days of prosperity and economic growth, many people in our community still suffer from shortage of food.  In times of economic slowdown, these numbers increase.  And yet, substantial quantities of good leftover food are discarded every day. 


In order to bridge between the shortage of food and the abundance of leftovers, we are currently operating five ‘Asif Ha-ir’ vehicles, whose sole purpose is to collect leftover food from manufacturers, military bases, wholesalers, restaurants and catering companies, and deliver them quickly to LaSova restaurant, while maintaining the highest hygiene standards.  We serve the food the very next day to those who need it at the following locations: LaSova restaurant, Gaggon Home, and Kadima youth centers.  We also serve the food to other families in distress and to additional institutions that help the hungry.


Asif Ha-ir vehicles are fully equipped to deliver food at a chilled temperature.  They are operated during the day by LaSova employees and during night hours by volunteers from the El-Al Retiree Organization, from the accounting office of PWC, and from Bank Hapoalim.  This ongoing, around-the-clock operation ensures that the food remains fresh and also provides peace-of-mind to our supporters and our customers.


The success of the Asif Ha-ir project hinges on a continuous stream of referrals and new contacts with restaurants, venues, catering companies, food manufacturers and distributors, as well as drivers and volunteers. If you have been invited to a Bar Mitzvah, Briss or a wedding, please put us in touch with the event planners.  With the help of LaSova, their joyous occasion could also provide a much-needed hearty meal to our diners.


For further information and to schedule food collection, please contact us at our offices 03-3731661 ext.1 or contact Moshe Ben-Basat, Manager of Asif Ha-ir project, at 050-6879707.


Asif Ha-ir (Second Harvest) 

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