Amutat Lasova in Numbers- 2018


Institutions and projects: 33 institutions and 5 projects operating in 16 cities throughout Israel, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Arad and Ofakim in the south.


  • 1,000 at-risk children and youth from severely disadvantaged families take part in intensive after-school educational programs through Lasova's network of youth centers. The centers operate daily, throughout the year, serving children from.
  • 2,500 customers each day at Amutat Lasova's restaurants.
  • 120 people in-need are served a festive Sabbath dinner at Lasova's restaurant in Tel Aviv (3 times a month).
  • 110 homeless are accommodated every night in the shelters.  On cold or rainy nights, the shelters take in about 150 homeless people.
  • 400 people were provided with a "Tel-Lasova" cell phone subscription (this project was launched in February 2016).
  • 2000 underprivileged people throughout the country receive monthly clothing donations through the "Egged Begged" project. 
  • 80 indigent are holders of "Lasova Cards", magnetic cards enabling the purchase of food products in supermarkets for the amount of NIS 250 per month, helping to prevent malnutrition.
  • The distribution of children and youth in the Youth Center network:  
  • An average of 50 children and youth at each youth center, 740 attend elementary and middle schools, 214 attend high school.
  • 55 participants in the "Moving (Forward)" program, a program that provides support to the graduates of our Youth Centers after their military service (individual accompaniment, counseling, social and support groups and professional placements).
  • 492 children and youth from families of Ethiopian descent.
  • 176 children and youth from countries of the former Soviet Union.
  • 94 children and youth whose parents are foreign workers and asylum seekers.
  • 198 children and youth from second and third generations of distressed veteran Israeli families.


Breakdown of employees on salary:


  • There are currently 90 employees on salary: 30 workers receive minimum wage of which 12 are rehabilitated former street residents. 14 workers at the three Lasova restaurants, 11 at the shelters,  5 drivers and 2 maintainance workers.
  • The main office has 8 staff members: 2 adminstrative assistants, 2 bookeepers, an operations manager, a coordinator of the volunteers, a manager of projects and external relations, and the "Tel-Lasova" project coordinator.
  • 6 employees on the management team of the network (a manager, two regional supervisors, a pedagogical and workshop supervisor, the graduate program supervisor and a coordinator of the commune youth program.
  • Each of the 21 youth centers has a manager and a cleaning staff.


Volunteers at the Youth Centers:


  • 110 counselors-65 participants in a pre-army year-long voluntary service program and 45 female counselors from the National Service program.
  • 900 permanent volunteers and about 2000 additional one-time volunteers a year.



Volunteers in Lasova restaurants:


  • 900 permanent volunteers, about 5,000 "one-time" volunteers (soldiers on leave, employees of commercial firms and  organizations).
  • Volunteers in the "Egged Begged" and "Asif Ha-ir" (City Harvest) programs: 40 permanent volunteers, approximately 200 one-time volunteers.
  • Israel Prison Service workers: 15 workers serving community service sentences. 10 workers on probation sentances.


Fiscal data for 2015 (unaudited):


  • Donations – 12,590,145 N.I.S.  Operating expenses – 13,613,164 N.I.S., a deficit of 1,023,019 for 2015.
  • Over 20,000,000 N.I.S. evaluated in-kind donations – food, equipment, services and volunteers.
  • 737,000 N.I.S. of municipal participation in youth centers' expenses.
  • 462,000 N.I.S. support from the Ministry of Education for the Youth Centers.
  • 373,120 N.I.S. support from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services for the accommodation of 21 homeless.
  • 36,000 N.I.S. the cost of the Youth Centers per month.
  • 36,000 N.I.S. the operating costs of the Youth Centers per month.
  • 800 N.I.S. the cost of one child/youth's participation in the Youth Center program.
  • 965,000 N.I.S 2015 operating expenses of 6 shelters, 35 N.I.S per person a night.
  •  9 N.I.S – the cost of a meal per person in the Lasova restaurant. Friday night supper costs 13 N.I.S.
  • 3.29% of our budget consists of administrative and general expenses for 2014.



5 highest salaries in the organization (gross per month):


  • 13,000 N.I.S. is the highest salary of the organization, followed by a salary of 10,000 N.I.S. and 4 employees earn 9,000 N.I.S.


There are 17 members of the Lasova non-profit organization's () governing body (all volunteers) and :


  • 10 members of the executive committee.
  •  5 members of the financial committee.
  •  4 members of the educational committee. 
  •  3 members of the homeless project committee 
  •  a member of the audit committee
  •  an internal auditor.






Amutat Lasova in Numbers 

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