Shalom and warm greetings to our donors, volunteers and supporters,


The last year, 2015, our thirtieth year of operation, fluctuated between high and low points and brought many obstacles. 


  • The scope of donations was reduced by a rate of 13%, resulting in a 1,023,019 N.I.S. operating deficit. This deficit derives partially from the loss of income from interest received from foundations providing support through interest on income.  In our opinion, the general state of the economy is also a factor in this decline, as well as the increase of public fundraising campaigns by other non-profit organizations but not by Lasova.  Even in the face of this difficult situation, we have decided to continue on our chosen course and to avoid seeking publicity, making public appeals and holding glittering fundraising events.  However, for the first time we are now initiating direct appeals to donors to request support.  Please see this message as a request to pledge support for Lasova.
  • Regretfully, after an agreed-upon trial period, we had to discontinue the tenure of the candidate for C.E.O. of the organization.  At present, we continue to act as Lasova's chief executive officers.


And now for our successes:


  • All our 29 institutions, located throughout Israel, continue to operate smoothly and effectively.
  • 20 youth centers, all over Israel, provide supplementary education to 960 at-risk children and youth from disadvantaged families.
  • 3 Lasova restaurants serve over 2000 filling,  nutritious meals a day to those in need.
  •  3 shelters for the homeless and 3 transitional apartments  for homeless individuals in advanced stages of rehabilitation, which accommodate 110 homeless persons every night.


Under the difficult circumstances of 2015, the uninterrupted, effective services that Lasova was able to continue provide to needy populations cannot be taken for granted.  For our part, this constitutes a notable success, achieved through a major effort by the organization's staff and through a reduction in expenses without effecting the core of our activities and the scope of services offered to our target populations.


  • We opened the "Kadima-Allied"  Youth Center in Ofakim -  the 20th in this network.
  • The network has been recognized by the Ministry of Defense as a "Irgun Mishloch", which means we are now permitted to recruit volunteers directly from "Shnut Sherut", the pre-army one year voluntary service program, and to arrange a deferral of their military service until they complete a year as counselors in the youth centers.  It should be noted the the option of acting as counselors in our youth centers has attracted much interest among the cream of Israel's youth, those who are prepared to give an extra year of service over and above their army service. We received hundreds of applications from high school graduates and were able to select 110 of the best and most suitable of these applicants.  We have also been recognized as a youth organization by the Ministry of Education
  • We achieved a certification of excellence in all possible categories in an in-depth examination by the organization, a non-profit that analyzes the effectiveness of NPOs by assessment and rating and the production of sector analysis reports.  To read the full report, please click on.
  • We introduced a festive Sabbath evening meal at the Lasova restaurant in Tel Aviv.  The meal includes blessings, Sabbath songs, and group singing, with volunteers acting both as serving staff and as a choir.
  • We have significantly enhanced the food served in the youth centers, placing the emphasis on healthy and nutritious food, with less processed meat and increased vegetables as just two examples of the new menu.
  • We initiated and established the "Tel-Lasova" project – a low-cost cell phone plan intended exclusively for the indigent.  Since they do not have access to credit cards, they had previously been forced to use expensive prepaid phone cards. Through this project, with Lasova as the primary subscriber, our users can also receive a reduced rate – 35 N.I.S. per month for unlimited calls and text messaging and monthly internet access of 6 giga.
  • With the end of our 30th year of activities, we are proud to present "Lasova in Numbers", a compilation of numeric data that illustrates the scope and diversity of Lasova's activities.
  • In concluding this annual report, we have the great privilege of expressing gratitude and acknowledgment of so many; donors and volunteers, the organization's staff, and representatives from the municipal offices of welfare and education, who make it possible for us to help many needy populations.   Our 29 institutions all over the country make up an orchestra of many players and instruments, that plays continuously, without pause, all hours of the day, throughout the year. 


First and foremost, we would like to thank our donors, leading with the 16 that have adopted 20 Kadima Youth Centers: (in alphabetical order) Alony Hetz Ltd., Allied Holdings, the Amot Company, the Boxenbaum-Neta Foundation,  Benmai investments, BMC, the Goldenberg family, the Glencore Foundation, Tommi Weiler, Little Dream Foundation of France, Mivtach Shamir Ltd., Kibbutz Sasa, SanDisk, the Paradis Family, Champion Motors and the Kasierer Foundation.   These are only a few of many hundreds of supporters, most of them longtime donors, whose generous support enables our organization to continue its activities.


Thank you to the 110 young people, the finest of Israel's youth, volunteers for pre-army community service and National Service, who comprise the  instruction teams of the youth centers, over 1000 volunteers. In addition, we would like to thank over 300 regular volunteers in the Lasova restaurants, members of the Egged Israel Transport Cooperative and 23 Egged pensioners who drive the "Egged Begged" bus, 50 regular volunteers and 10 catering companies that are active in the "Asif Ha-ir" project, the umbrella organizations Israel and -that provide us with the majority of our food, 40 food companies that routinely donate the best of their produce, 5 greengrocers and vegetables farmers.  


A special thank you to our friend and supporter, Maccabi Carasso, who has put 12 vehicles at our disposal, free of charge, to provide for our transportation needs.  Our organization's activities are continually accompanied and supervised by many levels of governmental and municipal institutions.


We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to each of our 85 staff members, all of whom are extremely dedicated and act out a sense of mission, and bear the responsibility for the smooth daily operation of our 29 institutions.


And last but not least, the members of the board of directors and executive committee (all volunteers) who dedicate the utmost of their time and abilities to Lasova : Dr. Joshua Reichart, Nurit Geldbaum, Dr. Aaron Arthur Seidenberg, Gidon Suesskind, Yael Hermal, Yoav Narkis, Hagit Giora, Henia (Gudes) Rosenbaum, Eli Dallal, Omri Yoffee,  Brigadier-General (Res.) Moshe Spector, accountant Eran Renato Jarach, Jonathan Eitan, Leonora Avigdori and Reuven Wertheim.


From all of us – to each and every one of you, thank you for everything, and please continue to stand with us.


Sharona and Gi-Ad Harish

Founders and Chairs



Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.


Contributions can be made to the following:


By cheque payable to Amutat Lasova, P.O. Box 1611 Tel Aviv.

A bank transfer to Amutat Lasova's account Bank Discount (11), Branch 085 (Kikar Rabin) Account number: 63332.

By credit card-please contact Lasova's administrative assistant, Ms. Shosh Ya'ar Gazit at telephone number:



Lasova complies with the laws and regulations governing the operation of a  non-profit organization,  and is in possession of all relevant official certifications, including a valid tax deduction certificate as a non-profit organization from the Israel Tax Authority (Article 46).







Lasova Activity Report- 2015 


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