Our goal is to ensure the basic human needs to any needy person, and we carry out our mission by

establishing and operating the following institutions: 


3 Soup Kitchens, supplying 2500 hot tasty nutritious meals per day.


Lasova Card – magnetic card enabling needy people to receive food products in the supermarkets for the amount of NIS 250 per month, ensuring proper nutrition and preventing mal-nutrition.


6 Homeless Shelters which are the only shelters in Israel.


Egged-Begged- a Bus for distribution of 2nd hand garments all over the country.


"City Harvest" Vehicles for collection of food surplus.


20 Kadima Youth Centers, accommodating  1000 kids in risk of needy families, in various poor neighborhoods in Israel.


In our Kadima Youth Centers we supply the participating kids with hot meals, assistance in homework preparation, enrichment courses and daily lesson for values, such as Heritage, Tradition, History, Environment, and Friendship etc.


Lasova- depends solely on private donations, received without any solicitation or fund-raising events.


All members of our organization are volunteers and none of them receives any benefits whatsoever, or any sort of payment, directly or indirectly.


Lasova complies with all Laws and Rules regarding the operation of a  non-profit organization  and has all relevant official certifications.





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כתובת צ'לנוב 18 תל אביב  | טלפון  03-3731661  |  פקס 03-3731666   |  מייל   office@lasova.org.il