Asif Ha’Ir

Vehicles that pick up surplus food in the Gush Dan area

Telephone: +972-50-6879715

The Asif Ha’Ir project collects surplus food from restaurants, cafes, and event halls, while adhering to food safety regulations. Food that is collected is served to diners at the Lasova restaurant.

Every day, volunteers take an Asif Ha’Ir vehicle and drive around Tel Aviv, collecting food for the restaurant.

Hours of operation: Sundays-Thursdays between 18:00-22:00

There are two volunteers on every shift: a driver and a helper. The driver must have a driving license for a manual car.

 Volunteering is on a fixed day, if possible, usually once every two or three weeks.

To join the Asif Ha’Ir project:

Project Coordinator: +972-50-6879721

Lasova’s main office – +972-3-3731661