Kadima youth centers

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General information

The Kadima net of youth centers is a nation-wide network that works to minimize gaps in Israeli society using supplemental education.

The Kadima youth centers operate five days a week, year-long, and serve over 1000 1st grade – 12th grade pupils.

The daily curriculum at the Kadima network includes help with homework, educational-values activities, enrichment classes, and meals for lunch and dinner.

The secret to our success is the personal attention we give to the kids and the individualized program we develop to empower and advance every participant, while providing a holistic solution for all spheres of life.

The aim To give a real opportunity to bridge and minimize gaps as required to successfully integrate as adult citizens in Israeli mainstream society. The method Continuous participation of the child - every day, all year long, and throughout their years at school, in a setting that provides a safe space, a place to develop and a springboard for success: assistance with homework, values education, enrichment lessons, lunch and dinner. The staff at each youth center includes a salaried manager (with a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Education or a related subject); 4-7 Service Year volunteers or National Service young women or men and a housemother/housefather who lives in the neighborhood. Politics We focus on humanistic education that reflects the consensus values of Israeli society, without any political affiliation. Religion We teach our pupils to respect tradition and heritage, but we are not a religious institution and we do not engage in religious education or religious activities. The food in the centers is kosher.

קדימה ילדים

Benefits and characteristics of the Kadima program:

  • A continuous program – the pupils come to the youth center every day, all year long, throughout the years, including during the school holidays.
  • An individual development program for each pupil – each pupil is given personal attention and an individualized advancement program is built for them.
  • One-on-one help with their homework – all the pupils do their homework every day under close supervision and assistance.
  • Enrichment lessons – English, mathematics, computer, and more…
  • Daily activities during school holidays – including visits to swimming pools, plays, museums, and trips.
  • The staff is in close contact with the parents and teachers – a holistic community solution that includes collaborations and enlisting partners for the educational process.
  • Education on values – the Kadima network of youth centers is a recognized youth organization with an age-appropriate values education program. The older pupils undergo training courses for young instructors and project management. A breakdown of the program can be found on the Kadima website.
  • Inspection – The Kadima youth centers are under ongoing supervision and inspection of the local authorities’ education and welfare departments.
  • The Kadima youth center program is approved and supported by the Ministry of Education (Youth Organization regulation and Service Year regulation).

General information The pedagogical program | Mamshichim Kadima [moving forward]

The pedagogical program

Since September 2020, a new PBL (Project Based Learning) pedagogical program has been implemented at the Kadima youth centers. Project Based Learning at the Kadima youth centers is based on the following principles: 1. Creating a multi-year educational process: The educational process takes the child at the youth center from a young age until early adulthood. 2. Age-appropriate topics: The annual topics were chosen according to the characteristics and needs of each age group. Each age group will undergo an annual process in one central topic. This makes it possible to delve into the subject, acquire skills around a central topic, and truly undergo an educational process and not just touch the tip of the iceberg. The topics are broad enough to generate interest throughout the year. 3. A fully-integrated program: each annual topic is a building brick for the following year. We start with the basics and develop as the years progress. The previous year lays the foundation for the current year. As part of the annual topic for each age group there is a PBL (Project Based Learning) program that is linked to the topic, and manifests 21st century skills according to age group: 1st and 2nd grade group: giving and receiving - mutual respect, and strengths 3rd grade group: The Soul Bird - emotions 4th and 5th grade group: onward to the future - futurism and personal future 6th grade group: good news - social awareness 7th and 8th grade group: identity and community - community project 9th grade group: planning ahead 10th and 11th grade group: equality 12th grade group: Israeli society and life skills

General information The pedagogical program | Mamshichim Kadima [moving forward]

Mamshichim Kadima [moving forward]

The Mamshichim Kadima program is designed for graduates of the youth centers when they start their adult lives (18+). The program continues the spirit of the work done at the centers to minimize social gaps in Israel and help its pupils fulfil their dreams and potential. We provide a comprehensive solution for graduates in several main spheres: *Integrating in military services and future frameworks (Service Year, National Service, mechinot) * job and vocational development * post-secondary education studies and receiving guidance *Residence *Legal rights *Guiding young families The program is open to any graduate who wishes to take part and it is run by Lasova’s staff with the assistance of a team of volunteers.