Volunteering at Lasova

General information

General information

Lasova’s work relies on volunteers and volunteers may join our ranks throughout the year.

We work nation-wide, at diverse hours, and there are numerous volunteer positions and opportunities.

We will reply to any query, review the volunteer possibilities together, and find the most suitable volunteer option for you.

We would love you to join us as individual volunteers, students, business groups, and soldiers, and anyone who wants to be a part of our meaningful work.

Every volunteer framework is managed by a dedicated manager and overseen by the National Volunteer Coordinator.

For details and questions:

Volunteering for individuals / students:

Ran Deri, Volunteer Coordinator

+972-52-6879609  |  hitnadvut@lasova.org.il


Volunteering for groups and businesses:

Hamutal Shneydor, Manager of Community Relations and Volunteering

+972-50-8292970  |  community@lasova.org.il

We welcome you to register on the volunteer form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What volunteers say

Dor, volunteer at Ofakim
Coming to the youth center every week is fulfilling and gives you strength (especially as a student). The fact that the pupils and instructors look forward to my arrival makes me so happy, being able to bring the best out of the pupils and just having fun simply warms the heart. In addition, the staff at the youth center, the instructors, and the manager contribute to the positive atmosphere and joy at the youth center.
Nadav, volunteer at the Tel Aviv restaurant
I am supposed to distribute food but in practice it’s much more. I talk to the homeless individuals, ask how they are and see whether I can help with anything. I think it is very meaningful.
Shir, volunteer at the Tel Aviv restaurant
Lasova family, how amazing that the Friday night meal routine is back. It was exciting and incredible to give and get hugs and love from the diners and the volunteers. You have so much love to give, thank you for everything!

Information for students

Lasova is a recognized and approved placement for volunteers for scholarship hours or credits.

We work with most of the scholarship and educational institutions in Israel, but if you encountered somewhere we do not appear, we would be happy to send the relevant approvals to qualify as an approved placement

How can you get placed?
You may register to volunteer and note that you are a student. The volunteer acceptance process depends on the framework and is the same for a student or an individual volunteer.

Who do I contact?

The manager of every volunteer framework is responsible for accepting the student, guidance and professional training, and reporting monthly hours at the end of each month to Lasova’s National Volunteer Director.

We work with the Tribu app. As soon as you start volunteering, please check with the manager where you will volunteer that you are registered in the system. You will receive an SMS asking you to download the app in order to register your hours of attendance.

At the end of each month, the manager will approve your monthly hours in the app and the information will be forwarded to the scholarship program according to the agreement with them (or by Lasova’s Volunteer Director or by you).
Please ensure that there are no errors when you submit your hours at the end of the month.

There is also a WhatsApp group for students according to Lasova’s specific activities. The group is for important updates, notifications, etc.

The scholarships through which you can volunteer at Lasova include:

  • The IMPACT! scholarship which is given to soldiers discharged from the IDF’s combat units, based on their socio-economic status. The scholarship is $4,000 for each academic year for 130 volunteer hours –For more information, visit the IMPACT! website
  • Shahak – The Immigrant Student Association at the Ministry of Aliya and Integration runs the Shahak program – a social community service where immigrant students volunteer for the community in exchange for a tuition fees scholarship. For more information – visit the Shahak website
  • Housing scholarship – Tel Aviv Municipality – The scholarship is intended for students studying at Tel Aviv University or at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo and who rent housing in one of the following neighborhoods: Neve Sha’anan, Shapira, HaTikva, Jaffa, Neve Ofer, and Ezra. The scholarship is given for volunteer hours in the community (changes according to the type of scholarship). For more information – visit the municipality website
  • HESEG Foundation – The HESEG Foundation is an academic scholarship fund

 that gives scholarships every year to discharged soldiers recognized as lone soldiers by the IDF. The scholarship includes tuition fees for a Bachelor’s degree, as well as a monthly stipend for living expenses. For more information – visit the HESEG Foundation website

We are happy to help you find additional scholarships if needed – register as students on the volunteer form and we willl get back to you as soon as possible.