Homeless Shelters

General information

In 1986 the Gagon NGO established the first temporary homeless shelter for anyone in need. It later merged with Lasova and there are now 13 homeless shelters in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Every night, the homeless shelters provide lodging for around 150 residents (varying between winter and summer).

Are you homeless? Know your rights: 

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel’s rights for homeless people

To schedule an appointment at the shelter, call the Manager of the Homeless Shelters at +972-50-6879703 or 03-6372783

List of homeless shelters:

Men with drug addictions – Alon shelter 1 

Women (shelter free of drug and alcohol use) – Rakefet shelter 2

Men (shelter free of drug and alcohol use) – Erez shelter 3

Men – Brosh rehabilitation center 4

Men – Dolev rehabilitation center 5

Women – Vered rehabilitation center 6

Chronic homeless with disabilities – Dekel permanent center 7

Chronic homeless with disabilities – Fikus permanent center 8

Chronic homeless with disabilities – Oren permanent center 9

Drug substitutions – new – Shita rehabilitation center 10

Youth – new – Haruv rehabilitation center 11

Men – new – Duvdevan rehabilitation center 12

Men – new – Pardes rehabilitation center 13


The homeless shelters were established to provide a temporary, safe, and dignified roof over the heads of homeless individuals.  The first and crucial stage in the homeless person’s rehabilitation and return to a normative life is coming to the shelter.

The shelters offer all the essential services: a bed, food, shower, clothing, personal lockers, and referral for medical care if needed.

Each new resident undergoes “intake” with the staff, and embarks upon a rehabilitation process with the help of social workers from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and with the close assistance of a team from the Ministry of Labor and Social Services.

Each shelter employs a guide and housemother/housefather who runs the shelter.


Elizabeth Bergner shelter – a new homeless shelter for drug addicts, which is slated to open at the end of 2021. To view the programs, click here


To schedule an appointment at the shelter, call the Manager of the Homeless Shelters at +972-50-6879703 or 03-6372783

Rehabilitation apartments

The rehabilitation apartments are “regular” apartments in the community, which Lasova rents for homeless people who are in advanced stages of rehabilitation. The residents manage the transitional apartments with Lasova’s logistic assistance and financial support.


Permanent apartments are rented by Lasova rents and serve as permanent accommodation for chronic homeless people and individuals with various disabilities. These apartments are run like a shelter and are supervised by a guide.